The importance of social media for real estate professionals.

Everyone is talking about social media these days. It’s in the paper, it’s on the news…it even made it to the movies! People are taking advantage of this growing trend, and promoting their brand or their business through leading social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Real estate professionals have a huge opportunity to use these tools to join the conversation, establish a professional brand online, network with potential clients and businesses associates, and promote active listings.


Social media is changing how people do business
The web is often the first place people turn for answers. They use it during every stage of the purchase process for buying everything from a toothbrush, to a television, to a home. Businesses are taking notice and increasing their online presence, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Real estate professionals are also using social media to offer advice, serve as a resource, and position themselves as the expert in a particular area.


The proof is in the numbers
Today, there are over 500 million users on Facebook, over 70 million on Twitter, and millions of others on YouTube, blog sites, and numerous other social media sites. And the greatest thing about social media marketing is that you can engage these users, and see measurable results, for virtually no money. All you need is the innovation and commitment to make social media a part of your real estate business, and the e-PRO® program is a great place to start.


Now is the time to connect
Social media is still relatively new, and evolving every day. By incorporating social media into your business strategy now, you can grow and change with the technology, and be ready for what’s next.  If you’re looking to generate new leads, and connect with your clientele, sign up for the e-PRO® program today!