Become an e-PRO® and take your real estate marketing online.

Earn the e-PRO® certification and connect with consumers where they are already interacting: online. By extending your real estate marketing online, you will show consumers that you are tuned in to their lifestyle needs, and gain their trust – and their business.

The e-PRO® certification lets you:

  • Harness social media platforms to grow your business
  • Create an online presence that reaches and engages with today's hyper-connected consumers
  • Take advantage of rich media and virtual office strategies to run your business more efficiently
  • Learn to streamline real estate transaction processes using customer relationship management (CRM) systems and transaction management platforms
  • Create search engine marketing (SEM and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies
  • Protect your business from a data breach by implementing best practices as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission 

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Take your real estate marketing online today! Enroll in an e-PRO® course at any of the following convenient locations:
*Please note, the newly revised 2018 e-PRO® coursework will launch online in early 2019. Online coursework is currently only available in the original format. Please find a live course if you wish to take the 2018 e-PRO® course.